F/a-18e/f-super-hornet flight manual

The upgrades have evolved to complement other U. Navy aircraft to effectively operate together in the air wing for decades to come.

Navy inventory. The Super Hornet is the backbone of the U. Navy carrier air wing now and for decades to come. The combat-proven Super Hornet delivers cutting-edge, next-generation multi-role strike fighter capability, outdistancing current and emerging threats well into the future. The Super Hornet has the capability, flexibility and performance necessary to modernize the air or naval aviation forces of any country. Longer range with low-drag, conformal fuel tanks.

The Advanced Cockpit System includes a new 10 x 19 inch touchscreen display provides the pilot with the capability to see, track and target multiple long range targets generated by the common tactical picture. Long-range detection with Infrared Search and Track that can detect threats without having to depend on radar which may be jammed, generating a multi-ship, common tactical picture at long range, allowing the Super Hornet to operate as a smart sensor node on the network.

It also has the increased ability to receive targeting information from other platforms. Hear from U. The first Super Hornet off the Boeing St. Louis production line in nearly two years entered the U.

Navy fleet. Several more Super Hornets will follow. Boeing crews split two retired Super Hornets in two to study how heavy usage impacts the aircraft. Tuesday Sept. The U. Boeing test pilots showcase the Advanced Super Hornet and what its new capabilities mean for potential customers—and for military fighter pilots.

f/a-18e/f-super-hornet flight manual

Bush about the newest and most advanced tactical aircraft in the Navy fleet. He says he has the best job in the company. In a continuously evolving battle environment, the heat is always on.

f/a-18e/f-super-hornet flight manual

Built for Air Superiority. Stories From The Deck. Conformal Fuel Tanks Longer range with low-drag, conformal fuel tanks. Ahead of the Swarm The Advanced Cockpit System includes a new 10 x 19 inch touchscreen display provides the pilot with the capability to see, track and target multiple long range targets generated by the common tactical picture. Block II IRST Long-range detection with Infrared Search and Track that can detect threats without having to depend on radar which may be jammed, generating a multi-ship, common tactical picture at long range, allowing the Super Hornet to operate as a smart sensor node on the network.During this time frame the Navy struggled to identify and implement the best way to modernize its aging fleet of F fighters and A-6E attack aircraft.

The A program a stealthy replacement to the A-6E was terminated in January The Department of Defense is currently facing a shortage of radar and communications jamming capability. The Prowlers, however, are few and rapidly aging. The Super Hornet has been approved for international export, but no sales have been made as of June Key issues surrounding the program relate to the total number of Super Hornets to be procured.

Principal issues surrounding the program relate to the total number of Super Hornets to be procured. Efforts to develop a carrier-based naval version of the Air Force's F Advanced Tactical Fighter were abandoned in and proposals for a carrier-capable version of the Air Force's F were never endorsed by Navy leadership.

Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet

Some also argued that the F's long-range air defense mission, known as the outer air battle, will be less important in the post-Cold War era, when naval aircraft are expected to be used at shorter ranges in littoral off-shore operations in Third-World scenarios. On September 18,the Navy received the first of seven EMD aircraft to be flight-tested in By Septemberthese test planes had logged some 1, flight hours, with carrier-based flights beginning in January aboard the USS John C.

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Inflight testing was suspended when problems with the Super Hornet's engines caused the aircraft to be grounded. The Super Hornet fleet was grounded a second time in when engine problems resurfaced. First experienced in Marchthe aircraft's "wingdrop" problem may occur during turns at speeds of.

Since this anomaly was apparently related to the wing's leading edge, some feared the wing might have to be redesigned; others thought the problem could be resolved by modifications of the wing, such as adding a "porous wing fairing.

The QDR also recommended reducing the maximum annual production rate to 48 aircraft. These recommendations were reflected in the FY budget's procurement projections. Notes: a. Selected Acquisition Reports, Dec.

Reflects a purchase of 1, aircraft. Figure is adjusted for inflation and expressed in dollars. Selected Acquisition Reports, December 31, Under current plans, of the Super Hornets procured by the Navy will be equipped with active electronically steered array AESA radar. Conventional radars are limited, in part, by the speed with which their antennas can be mechanically moved.

f/a-18e/f-super-hornet flight manual

Recent improvements in electronics technology enable AESA radars to update a radar's computer several times a second. The implications for the overall program, in terms of cost and other factors, is still being studied. On December 7,the Defense Department announced the Navy's award of a contract to start production of the 30 aircraft funded in FY The squadron flew 1, hours in "missions," performed more than 24 carrier operations, and participated in a "Red Flag" exercise.

The first production aircraft were delivered in for operational testing and evaluation, with initial operating capability IOC achieved in Generally speaking, arguments for foreign military sales tend to focus on advancing U. Arguments against arms sales tend to focus on the negative aspects of military technology proliferation and the potential for causing regional instability.

The government approves arms sales on a case-by case basis.Standardization, based on professional knowledge and experience, provides the basis for development of an efficient and sound operational procedure. The standardization program is not planned to stifle individual initiative, but rather to aid the commanding officer in increasing the unit's combat potential without reducing command prestige or responsibility.

This manual standardizes ground and flight procedures but does not include tactical doctrine. Compliance with the stipulated manual requirements and procedures is mandatory except as authorized herein.

F/A-18 Operation Desert Storm gameplay

Since aviation is a continuing, progressive profession, it is both desirable and necessary that new ideas and new techniques be expeditiously evaluated and incorporated if proven to be sound. To this end, commanding officers of aviation units are authorized to modify procedures contained herein, in accordance with the waiver provisions established by OPNAVINST This manual is prepared and kept current by the users in order to achieve maximum readiness and safety in the most efficient and economical manner.

Should conflict exist between the training and operating procedures found in this manual and those found in other publications, this manual will govern. Checklists and other pertinent extracts from this publication necessary to normal operations and training should be made and carried for use in naval aircraft. Navy Director, Air Warfare. I 1. I 2. Page No. IA 2. I 4.

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II 5. III 6. III 7. III 8. III 9. III IV V VI VII IX Additional fuel can be carried in up to five external fuel tanks and the aircraft can be configured as an airborne tanker by adding an external air refueling system. Low-rate production began in early with full-rate production starting in Septemberafter the merger of McDonnell Douglas and Boeing the previous month.

The Super Hornet's unique wing and tail configuration can be traced back to an internal Northrop project Pc. The Hornet proved to be effective but limited in combat radius. The concept of an enlarged Hornet was first proposed in the s, which was marketed by McDonnell Douglas as Hornet The end of the Cold War led to a period of military budget cuts and considerable restructuring. At the same time, U. Naval Aviation faced a number of problems.

The next-generation Hornet design proved more attractive than Grumman 's Quick Strike upgrade to the F Tomcat, which was regarded as an insufficient technological leap over existing Fs. At the time, the Grumman F Tomcat was the Navy's primary air superiority fighter and fleet defense interceptor. The Super Hornet was first ordered by the U.

Navy in The Super Hornet first flew on 29 November Testing involved 3, test flights covering 4, flight hours. Navy operational tests and evaluations in[21] and was approved in February The Navy calls this reduction in aircraft types a "neck-down". The Block II Super Hornet incorporates an improved active electronically scanned array AESA radar, larger displays, the joint helmet mounted cueing system, and several other avionics replacements.

The sensor, mounted in a modified centerline fuel tank, detects long wave IR emissions to spot and track targets such as aircraft; [36] combat using the IRST and AIM-9X Sidewinder missiles is immune to radar jamming. Navy was reportedly pleased with the Advanced Super Hornet's flight test results, and hopes it will provide future procurement options.

In Marchthe U.

Built for Air Superiority

Boeing stated that the CFTs do not add any cruise drag but acknowledged a negative impact imposed on transonic acceleration due to increased wave drag. InBoeing revealed a Super Hornet hybrid concept, equipped with the EAG Growler's electronic signal detection capabilities to allow for targets engagement using the receiver; the concept did not include the ALQ jamming pod.

Growth capabilities could include the addition of a long-range infrared search and track sensor and new air-to-air tracking modes. To aid safe flight operations and prevent confusion in radio calls, the Super Hornet is informally referred to as the "Rhino" to distinguish it from earlier Hornets.

The Super Hornet, unlike the previous Hornet, is designed to be equipped with an aerial refueling system ARS or "buddy store" for the refueling of other aircraft, [55] filling the tactical airborne tanker role the Navy had lost with the retirement of the KA-6D and Lockheed S-3B Viking tankers. Other differences include intake ramps for the engines and two extra wing hard points for payload for a total of 11retaining previous hardpoints on the bottom centerline, wingtips, and two conformal fuselage positions.

This results in pitch rates in excess of 40 degrees per second, and high resistance to departure from controlled flight. Survivability is an important feature of the Super Hornet design.The Super Hornet carries 33 percent more internal fuel, increasing mission range by 41 percent and endurance by 50 percent over the earlier Hornet.

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The aircraft emerged from Engineering and Manufacturing Development meeting all of its performance requirements on cost, on schedule and pounds under weight. All of this was verified in Operational Verification testing, the final exam, passing with flying colors receiving the highest possible endorsement.

Super Hornet, flew combat sorties from Abraham Lincoln during Southern Watch, demonstrating reliability and an increased range and payload capability.

The Super Hornet can return to an aircraft carrier with a larger load of unspent fuel and munitions than the original Hornet. Other differences include approximately rectangular intakes for the engines and two extra wing hard points for payload for a total of 11retaining previous hardpoints on the bottom centerline, wingtips, and two conformal fuselage positions.

Among the most significant aerodynamic changes are the enlarged leading edge extensions which provide improved vortex lifting characteristics in high angle of attack maneuvers, and reduce the static stability margin to enhance pitching characteristics.

This results in pitch rates in excess of 40 degrees per second, and high resistance to departure from controlled flight. In its fighter mode, it serves as escort and fleet air defense.

In its attack mode, it provides force projection, interdiction, and close and deep air support. ARYSE, a small business, has developed an ankle support that protects the joint as the user moves through rough Cowboy Barriers, a small business located in Wausau Oklahomahas developed a portable, interchangeable, quick assembly vehicle barrier Georgia Army National Guard parachute riggers from the Marieta-based th Quartermaster Company answered the call to a mission that The crewmembers onboard U.

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No matter the threat, Marines face it down with ingenuity and determination. The 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing uses a Chief of Naval Operations Adm.

f/a-18e/f-super-hornet flight manual

Mike Gilday said the Navy is launching three investigations into the ship's fire. Firefighters have extinguished blazes on the Navy amphibious assault ship Bonhomme Richard after four-plus days of efforts. The path that led to Trinity had begun some three years earlier with the creation of the Manhattan Project. Forty sailors and 23 civilians have been hurt battling the blaze on the amphibious assault ship Bonhomme Richard. Equipment Military Aircraft Attack Aircraft.

My Profile News Home Page. Latest Equipment Videos. Latest Equipment News.This time the magic was there. Digital Integration DI managed to produce a genuine advanced fighter-bomber simulation with all the resources needed to migrate into state-of-the art air warfare.

The visual model is stunning. The manual is comprehensive yet accessible to the rookie jet-sim pilot. The avionics? The weapons list is detailed and complete. And the missions both intrigue and challenge all players, regardless of skill level brought to the game. Navy, call sign "Slammer". Well, it didn't. The Gold Edition comes with a new mission collection set in the Balkans. The opening movie was remastered to strengthen the action production values. Some cockpit warning sounds were updated.

And the printed manual in the initial release was conspicuously absent from the Gold Edition review copy I received. In my opinion, the only thing keeping this sim from being in the same league as the classic Falcon 4.

As it comes in the box, though, it remains a demanding and rewarding sim. I should also add that none of these missing improvements hindered my enjoyment of the game.

It has remained challenging and rewarding throughout my inspection. I was a little ticked to find that the marketing folks gilded the package in promising a fully functional mission planner and dynamic campaign when all that materialized in this release was a twist on semantics. But, I remember when I believed that FS was so named because of its year of release and not because of the money I would have to spend on a system to run it.

Someday, I will learn.


When the job is finished she can bring back 3 times the ordinance of earlier models to the ship. And if that isn't enough, she improves on the Hornet's legendary ability to take damage and make it home.

The Super Hornet is "harder to find, and if found, harder to hit, and if hit, harder to disable" Quote from Boeing. The visual models of the Super Hornet itself rival anything seen in FS You fly a snappy red and white paint scheme in training and then switch to a beautifully detailed combat gray texture set in mission play.

The Super Hornet has 14 different control surface, all of which are animated in the DI project. The wheels roll and the undercarriage retracts.

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And all of the weapons are given the same detail oriented treatment. Your training base is an airfield near the Indian Ocean, well populated with buildings, static vehicles, and dynamic fuel trucks, helicopters, AWACS and fighters busying themselves with the virtual day's activities.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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